The Longmynd Lodge scales new heights – again!

IMG_20170702_1010282It may be rather quite, Masonically speaking for members of The Longmynd Lodge as we are well in to the summer recess.

However, the Lodge has just reached new heights!

Our Worshipful Master, Nic Garavini, has been on his travels again.

On Sunday 2 July he took our banner to the summit of Mount Snowdon which is the highest it has been, so far that is (he has scaled Mount Everest in the past so who knows?)

Some knowing glances and nods from a few onlookers suggested he was not the only Mason on the mountain that day.

Well done Nic, keep up the good work in this special year of yours.

September Meeting

This will take place on Friday 22 September and will be a second degree (passing) ceremony.

April Meeting

The next Lodge meeting will take place on Friday 28 April and will again be an initiation. Things really are looking up for our fine old Lodge and the WM and his team are already well prepared for this one too.

UPDATE: An excellent ceremony was worked and a memorable night was enjoyed by all.


Great news for The Longmynd Lodge

As a result of the build-up to our recent Open Evening and following its success we now have several good candidates in the pipeline.

So, it has been decided that we should have an extra meeting in March this year for which we have requested a dispensation from the Provincial Grand Master in order not to delay the progress of these initiations.

Therefore, a definite date for your diary is Friday 24th March 2017 at 6.30pm with a Lodge of Instruction on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 as usual.

This means we will have initiations in February, March and April of this year and few of us can remember such a productive period in recent years!

The prospect of permanently re-introducing March meetings will be discussed at the next Lodge Committee meeting as this will require an amendment to our By-Laws which is a slightly lengthy process.

White Table Open Evening

IMG_0254RFriday 27 January 2017 was a momentous night for The Longmynd Lodge as we held what proved to be an extremely successful and very well received, from comments subsequently, white table open evening.
There was a strong attendance from our Brethren, several of which made interesting presentations to the assembly and lots of guests both Gentlemen and Ladies.
Although not intended purely as a recruitment evening but as a sincere way of engaging with our local community, we now have three confirmed candidates wishing to join our number and possibly others too.
We might just “have” to do this again!
We hope you enjoy all the pictures which you will find on our Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

From the United Grand Lodge of England

United Grand Lodge of England

Vision, mission and values for the tercentenary and beyond

December 2016


Consistency in messaging for any organisation is vital, as is a common vision/purpose and values which everyone can support and follow. With 2017 fast approaching now is the time to ensure there is total clarity. The following have been agreed for use across all materials throughout UGLE, MCF and the Library and Museum.


To become openly recognised as the world’s leading fraternal organisation.


To be the fraternal society of choice for individuals seeking to develop their full potential through learning, social and community involvement, in line with the core values of Freemasonry.


Freemasonry’s values are based on the principles of brotherly love, relief and truth which today means integrity, kindness, honesty, fairness and tolerance.

  • Integrity: We say what we mean and when we make a promise, we keep it.
  • Kindness: We believe in playing a key role in our communities – we willingly give time and/or money to assist those not as fortunate as ourselves.
  • Honesty: We pride ourselves on transparency. Not only are we completely free to acknowledge our membership, we are encouraged to do so.
  • Fairness: We treat everyone as equal – we listen to others, explore our differences and work to find the common ground.
  • Tolerance: We show respect for the opinions of others and behave with understanding towards others.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations.

The first fifty years of The Longmynd Lodge

Yes, after considerable work, we have managed to transpose the old printed Lodge history for the years 1926 to 1976 into digital form and it can now be read by everyone by visiting the “Lodge History” page on this website.

We have just marked our 90th Anniversary and are looking forward to our Centenary in what is now less than 10 years so the challenge is to bring this proud history right up to date. Do we have any volunteers who can help?

Please form a queue.

The Longmynd Lodge scaling new heights!

longmynd-summitWhat did you get up to over Christmas?

Well, our Worshipful Master, Nic Garavini continued with his “Vertical Challenge.”

Wor. Bro. Garavini (Nic) is taking a reproduction of our Lodge banner to the summit of Shropshire landmarks and also intends venturing in to neighbouring Provinces too.

The first picture shows Nic with the banner on the top of the Longmynd on 21 December 2016

img_0968The second picture was taken on the Stiperstones.

It seems there was no rest for the Garavini family over the Festive period.

Taken just after Christmas, the picture shows that he is even roping in his family too.

Nic’s daughter Clara was at his side at the summit.

Where will he be seen next and who will be joining Nic?

You’ll just have to be patient but we know he has several cunning plans!

Special January Meeting

The Longmynd Lodge will be holding an ‘Open Door’ presentation evening

on Friday 27 January at the Masonic Hall, 65 High Street, Church Stretton.

This is an opportunity for those that are curious about Freemasonry, or are considering becoming a Freemason, to ask questions about this ancient organisation which will be celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.

We are a friendly and welcoming lodge with members of varied backgrounds, ages and outlooks.

You are welcome to join us for a short presentation commencing at 19.00 and also at our Festive Board dinner afterwards. (The regular- short- meeting for existing members and visitors will start at 6.30pm)

We would be happy to welcome you and answer any questions that you might have.

In order for us to cater for the appropriate numbers please kindly email or telephone the Master of the Lodge if you would like to attend.

Nic Garavini; telephone- 07826 547993

E Mail-

The Longmynd Lodge reaches new heights!

Our new Worshipful Master, Nic Garavini is certainly raising the profile of our fine old Lodge; during his year he intends to ascend to the summits of the major landmarks around Shropshire and indeed the surrounding areas.

It is well known that Nic often spends part of the winter at places like Mount Everest and last year even took his Ritual book with him.

Not to be outdone on this venture he is taking a full size reproduction of our Lodge Banner with him. He has a few words for us in this short video from the summit of the Wrekin, it was clearly windy up there a couple of days ago!

Friday 28 October 2016

img_0169rA splendid Installation meeting was held and to quote an Officer of Grand Lodge “your Lodge can be proud of the meeting last night, a masonic treat.”

Even if we tried, we couldn’t express things better really as the whole evening seemed to run like clockwork and the Installing Master did an exceptional job, ably backed by his team.

The new Master is looking forward to a busy year, not least because we had three new joining Members on the night and he has plans for some innovative meetings in the months ahead – we simply can’t wait to make a start!

img_0175crAs always, the meeting was followed by a superb Festive Board (meal, toasts etc).

It started with the regular and very special “Longmynd Soup” which is a secret recipe known only to a select few of our long-standing caterers.

This was followed by masses of truly magnificent roast beef with all the trimmings then cheese and biscuits with a fresh fruit platter and coffee.

All the usual Toasts were given and there were delightful responses from the Provincial Grand Master and also our new Worshipful Master.

A magnificent £250 plus was raised on the night and donated to Mfest300 helping to fund the huge 300 years anniversary celebrations of the United Grand Lodge of England here in Shropshire.

Saturday 22nd October


Column Lodge No 6900 of Shrewsbury and Longmynd Lodge No 4877 of Church Stretton had not only shared a Worshipful Master for the past year but joined together at Condover Golf Club for a joint Ladies Night.

2016-10-22-005rAttended by some 50 people the event took place in the Dining Room of the Golf Club. The meal was excellent and it was followed, for a change with something different when a quiz took place. This caused much merriment and the atmosphere was that of a jolly good family party.

Wor Bro Ian Galliers gave the toast to the Ladies and in appreciation of this and the fact that his own Lady had foregone a Ladies Night for a Charity day a bouquet was presented to Mrs.Catherine Galliers. At the end of the evening each lady was given a cyclamen plant by the Worshipful Master’s two sons James and William.

More pictures can be seen on our Facebook page by clicking here

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